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You could say they’re lucky to be here, even if it is four miles from anything resembling a town, not much of a resemblance at that, and the "city" (really more of a village) being just a lonely former barracks built by U. A couple of dozen older Jamaicans still live here, too, but the sex offenders arrived six and a half years ago when Pat Powers, an offender himself, came and claimed the place in the name of Jesus Christ.They live in this exile, of course, because there is nothing lower than their kind.Can heterosexual men and women ever be “just friends”?Few other questions have provoked debates as intense, family dinners as awkward, literature as lurid, or movies as memorable. Daily experience suggests that non-romantic friendships between males and females are not only possible, but common—men and women live, work, and play side-by-side, and generally seem to be able to avoid spontaneously sleeping together.California, the District of Columbia, Iowa, New York City, New York State, Oregon, Vermont and Washington State have removed surgical requirements completely for those applying to change a birth certificate.Tennessee is the only state that has a statute specifically forbidding the correction of gender designations on birth certificates for transgender people.To find out about the law where you live, check out Lambda Legal’s “Changing Birth Certificate Sex Designations: State-By-State Guidelines” list at These rules differ from state to state as well.Departments of Motor Vehicles in about half the states have removed surgical requirements completely for those applying to change their gender marker on their driver’s licenses. Department of Motor Vehicles, where this new system is in place, the applicant fills out the top half of the form and the health or social service professional fills out the bottom half.

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Many of the 57 state, local and territorial jurisdictions that administer birth certificates require a court order to change or amend them (a costly and time-consuming process of petitioning a judge for an order stating that you are now male or female) and/or a letter from a surgeon certifying gender-affirming surgery.

I arrived on a Sunday and found my new friends just finishing up a game of touch football.

Everyone was all sweaty and out of breath and still laughing about how one of the guys, Glenn, had been running a fake reverse and collided with a clothesline pole.

Many agencies responsible for changing documents such as birth certificates or driver’s licenses do still require proof of surgery, but there is a trend toward recognizing that this requirement is burdensome and creates an unfair barrier for most transgender people. Since then, the Social Security Administration, Department of Homeland Security, Veteran’s Health Administration and Office of Personnel Management have followed suit and no longer require proof of surgery to obtain gender designation changes.

The American Medical Association (AMA), the nation’s largest physician organization, called in 2014 for “modernizing” birth certificate policies by eliminating surgery requirements. Birth certificates are generally harder to change than other documents; the standard of proof is higher because it’s a so-called vital record, considered “official” by government and private agencies alike.

The results suggest large gender differences in how men and women experience opposite-sex friendships.

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